A Przybylski Family Restaurant

Welcome to Nook, our little corner of the restaurant world.  Nook is a family owned and operated restaurant. It is an expression of who we are: adventurous, whimsical, and a little eccentric.  The food is built on quality ingredients that are treated respectfully and served artistically.  Nook is a communal 12 seat dining room that is comfortable and professional with no barriers - literally. There are no walls between the chef and the guest. The dining room is very much a part of the kitchen, giving diners an experience to embrace and remember.

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2138 Atwood Ave, Madison, Wisconsin 53704, United States





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About Us


The Przybylski Family

Noah (Custer, WI) and Julie (Cleveland, OH) met in Chicago working at Everest and moved to Madison in 2005 to begin our dream of opening our own restaurant.  Years later, married in 2007, celebrating the birth of our son, Bruce, in 2014, we are finally celebrating the opening of our family restaurant, Nook.  Aside from cooking, we love to fish, hike, forage, garden, and celebrate everything Wisconsin has to offer!  We hope to share  a little bit of who we are with you when you come to dine with us.  See you soon!

Additional Information

PARKING & LOCATION - Nook is sandwiched between Eyeopia and The Atwood Barbershop, 2 blocks east of the Barrymore Theater.  There is a small 14 car public parking lot across the street, otherwise there is side street parking in the neighborhood.  Please plan ahead.

HANDICAP  ACCESSIBILITY - While we strive to make our restaurant available to all that are physically challenged, Nook is in a 100+ year old building that forces certain restrictions on accessibility.  Please be advised that our guest unisex bathroom is located in the basement of the restaurant with a flight of stairs to access it.   There is also a small step into the restaurant that might restrict certain wheelchairs.  Our staff will gladly help with accessibility any way we possibly can.

SPECIAL DIETS -  Please note that in order to provide you with the best dining experience possible, we require each guest to indicate any allergies or dietary restrictions when making your reservations.  We may not be able to accommodate dietary restrictions communicated to us upon arrival.